Franchise Fast Track

Will Give You The Tools To Become one of the Most Successful Window Cleaning Businesses in your area!

And the knowledge that will enable you to Franchise your Business

Get Ahead of Your Competitors.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I don’t know how to Franchise my Business?
  • I don’t understand the Legal Jargon?
  • I don’t know where to get support?

A long time ago now before I started Franchising my business, I was the same. I was doing what a lot of other guys are doing, using Subbies. I was always worried about the implications of the Tax Man querying it.

I’ve had a long relationship with my accountant and he always pointed out the potential problems I could have with HMRC.

I knew I had to find an alternative but I already had experience with PAYE and didn’t really want to go down that road again.

When a friend suggested Franchising my business I poo-pooed it and said it wouldn’t work.

How wrong was I!?

Franchising my Window Cleaning Business was without a doubt the best move I have ever made. Not only does it avoid the pitfalls of using Subcontractors, but it also allows me to expand my business.

Although initially, the process was expensive and fairly complicated I was lucky to have the services of excellent employment law solicitors and a Franchise consultant.

Because I have the experience and a strong legal team in place I have made the decision to

Share my Systems with other Window Cleaning Business Owners who want to make the move to Franchising.


  • I provide all the Legal Documentation you will need
  • I provide support within my Private Facebook Group (see Bonus)
  • There will be regular “Today’s Q&A’s” within the private group
  • You will be sharing a platform with other’s just like you in the private group
  • You can ask for or share knowledge and ideas within the private group

The Legal Pack has been created by myself, a fantastic team of employment law solicitors and my Franchise Consultant.

There simply isn't anything else like this out there

If you look around to see if there are any other programs out there that help you through the process of Franchising your business, my guess is, you won’t find one.

Yes, there are websites that talk about the subject or offer some advice. There are off the shelf contracts which are generic and aren’t really a good fit. I am running a Franchise Business and I have years of experience. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds to get this system Battle-Ready. 

  • You could go and do it yourself and spend a small fortune but I have done the hard work putting together the legal stuff for you. 
  • I can guide you through the process of getting started and help you avoid all the unnecessary pitfalls that others make
  • I provide an easy route, a short cut so all you have to do is take it on and get started.

By gaining the tools you will

  • Become ahead of the competition
  • Be recognised as the successful businessman you will become
  • Using the perfectly tailored Legal Pack to enable you to Franchise your business
  • Remove the restrictions of conventional business models
  • Have the ability to expand and grow your business
  • Become more successful
  • Realise your dreams



  • The Franchise Agreement
  • The Operations Manual
  • All the legal documents required to become compliant for
  • Data Protection
  • Modern Slavery Statement, Money Laundering and Privacy Notice
  • Free access to the Inner Circle “Franchise Fast Track” Group. (See Bonus) where you will get on-going support from me and fellow Franchisors.



If you sign up before 11.59pm on the Sunday night after the challenge

usual price £39 per month 

(Worth £468)

If you 


I’ll hold the Bonus open


Once you join the program you will get all the documentation sent to you along with your invitation to join the Private Group if you qualify for the Bonus

I want to show small businesses how they can expand using the Franchise model