OH NO!!! Autumn’s Coming!

It doesn’t seem possible that we have been experiencing a rare heat wave and before you know it, along comes that early morning/evening autumnal feel. So, now is probably the time to start thinking about your gutters. It’s just a question of time before all the leaves fall so when it does, give Bay Wash a call on 01202 620291.

Suck out your spout
The Autumn wind blows
The leaves fly about
Filling the gutter
Blocking the spout

Nowhere to go
For the rain that comes down
But off the roof
Straight to the ground

What can be done
To make this thing right
Call the Bay Wash Boys
Who have a big pipe

They suck not blow
And rid you of clutter
Clear all the leaves
That filled up your gutter

They use a big hoover
Attached to their pipe
They are the Boys
That will make things right

Ring if you need
A long pipe up yours
They’re ready and willing
For a good cause

So pick up the phone
And give them a shout
They’ll come along
And suck out your spout

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