As we are all becoming more conscious of our environment, we at Bay Wash would like to do our bit. Of course our water fed pole system is environmentally friendly anyway but we’d like to go one step further. Over the the last year or so, we have been introducing an invoicing system to our clients, on-line. Instead of us leaving you a slip of paper with your payment due and next clean date we will send you an email with all the relevant details in it. It will include the date of the clean, how much you owe and when we’re due to call again and it’s something you can keep for your records. You will also be able to make on-line payments using GoCardless which enables you to set up a Direct Debit mandate. Every time your windows are cleaned in the future, your payment is taken care of automatically. So, if you would like to go paperless and help us to help the environment,┬áleave a reply on the form below with your name and address and we will include you on our automated system.

Many Thanks.

Terry & Lorraine


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